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Sunny day showing landscaping and part of building with many windows and wood siding.

Our Facility

a climbing wall with colorful triangles and hand/foot holds


The Riveter Climbing Gym boasts over 16,000 sf of climbing terrain. With a lead climbing cave, 14 autobelays, and 68 rope lanes, there is something for every level climber. The boulder area features 60 boulder routes, a campus board with Tension rungs, and a 12' adjustable KILTER board. The dedicated kids climbing cove has 2 massive geometrix climbing routes, 11 rope stations, and a boulder area that tops out to the world's coolest slide. Riveter also features state-of-the-art hangboard and pulley systems to support recreation and competitive fitness.

Facility Orientation

Facility Orientation

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The CANOPY is a covered portion of the bike park with four separate lines from green to black. Riders can anticipate a variety of features, from rollers to jumps to wall rides. The Canopy also covers a progressive drop zone and a warm up pumptrack built with younger riders in mind. 


The OUTDOOR  terrain is differentiated by four unique lines, from green to double black, that share the same start point and return line. This terrain is the perfect spot for any rider trying to progress their skills on the bike.



We offer a wide range of the best rental bikes to accommodate mini-shredders to adult riders. We also carry helmets and pads.

outdoor bike terrain with three bike riders
close up of person stretching with 3 people in background


Our beautiful 900+ sf SWEAT STUDIO offers a variety of yoga + strength classes, including warm and hot classes using our infrared heat panels. 

Click HERE to explore the Yoga, Fitness, and Wellness offerings.



Our state-of-the-art equipment line includes Woodway Treadmills with 21" Interactive Displays, Peloton Bicycles, Jacobs Ladder, BOX Weight Vests, MIR Ankle Weights, multi-hangboard system, Gym Rax station + Rogue Fitness system outlined to the right. 

The Fitness studio is currently open to members only. Click HERE to explore our Membership offerings + perks!

Fitness studio with a variety of workout equipment.
wall of equipment for weight training

Gym Rax 14' T Bridge:

  • Kettle Bells 10lb-55lb

  • Dumbbells 5lb-50lb

  • Aktiv Slam Balls 8lb-30lb

  • Resistance Bands

  • Gymnastic Rings

  • Medicine Balls

  • Foam Rollers

  • Stability Balls

  • Battle Ropes


Rogue Fitness Monster Squat + Bench Rig

  • Front and Rear Squat Bars

  • Bench Barbells for Men, Women, and Children

  • Competition Rubber Plates

  • Pull up bar with ball attachments

Rogue Fitness Adjustable Benches:

  • Rogue Fitness Monster Rig with 3 Hang Board Attachments

  • Rogue Fitness Dumbbells 2.5lb-75lb​​

6 taps, 4 clear bottles and 7 cans of various brands of beer and other beverages


Our libation station serves beer, wine, cider, kombucha, tea, coffee, and various other hydrating drinks. Offering high-protein snacks, trail mix, beef jerky, bars, and more, we have all the snacks you could need to keep that training on point. 



Our retail shop carries all the best brands to set you up for the day at our facility or to head outdoors on an adventure. We have technical gear from belay devices, draws, harnesses, + climbing shoes, all the way to marsh guards, helmets, pads, + gloves for your riding needs. We have maps + guidebooks as well as shades, water bottles, koozies, + packs of all sizes + shapes. And there is always the hottest RIVETER branded apparel available in store or online.