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NOON-10PM Monday - Thursday // NOON-8PM Friday - Sunday for NON-MEMBERS 
6AM-NOON Monday - Friday // 8AM-NOON Saturday + Sunday MEMBER ALPINE HOURS


$25 for 18yo+
$18 for under 18yo 
$40 for 18yo+ to ride + climb in the same day
$33 for under 18yo to ride + climb in the same day
Reservations are NOT required. If you want to make your check-in quicker, fill out our WAIVER online in advance of your visit. 
* Day passes apply throughout the duration of public hours; guests may come + go off-site during this window. 
** No rental gear is allowed to leave the Climbing Gym or Bike Park.
*** Interested in riding + climbing during the same day? You're a champ! We have a package rate for a multi-activity day because we highly endorse optimizing your adventure. Please see our PRICING page for additional details.
$18 per In-Studio class
$15 per Non-Studio class [outdoor or Climbing Gym]
Follow us @riveternc and visit our YOGA PAGE for more info!
Pre-payment + pre-registration is preferred for all yoga + training classes thru MindBody
A Punch Pass is a package of 10 passes to climb or ride at the Riveter [we offer separate class card bundles for Yoga + Fitness, which can be accessed through our YOGA PAGE]. Punch passes may be shared amongst multiple users + do not expire, making them a flexible way to play. However, they do not include the perks of a membership and are only valid after noon, during community hours.
In some cases, memberships are a more economical way to participate. Our community experience crew would be happy to discuss the best option[s] for your circumstances.



We must have a liability waiver for everyone on-site, even if you’re just spectating, shopping, hanging out at the tap room, or if you’re an infant. Minors must have a waiver signed by a parent or legal guardian; other adult supervisors cannot sign in the place of a parent or legal guardian. 


You can save time by submitting an electronic waiver in advance by clicking on the waiver button >> HERE << First-time visitors should bring a valid ID to present at check-in so we can verify the information on your waiver before importing. Waivers remain in our system for a year, so the next time you come to see us, your check-in will be short + sweet. 




Memberships are a great and economical way to play at the Riveter! If you’re planning to come regularly, the most affordable option is our EFT contract. There is a $50 startup fee per family unit at the time of purchase, but no cancellation fee + memberships may be frozen for $10/month. We also have a one-month prepaid membership, which is a slightly higher cost, but an awesome way to see what it's like to have unlimited access to our Climbing Gym or Bike Park. All memberships come with sweet perks, including alpine hours, guest passes, + special pricing. For more information, head over to our MEMBERSHIPS PAGE.


We offer discounted membership rates for students + teachers. We do not offer family packages or military discounts, but we do offer lower membership rates for those younger than 18yo. We also grant free memberships to children 5yo or younger who come with an active parent member. 



A parent or guardian must accompany + supervise any participant 14 years or younger.

Why, you ask? Riding + climbing are dangerous + cannot be made safe. Unless enrolled in a staffed program with Riveter, it is required that all young humans be under the care of a parent/guardian to guide their behavior to respect Riveter policies, to offer assistance while participating in activities + to provide care or decision-making in the case of an emergency.




We are big-time dog lovers at the Riveter, but unfortunately, we cannot allow dogs beyond the parking lot. Due to the high level of bike + foot traffic, we’ve decided it’s in the best interest of the animals we love to remain off-site for their own safety. 


However, there is a public park just seconds up the road if your dog is in tow + in need of a stretch or bathroom break. 




We have a tasty assortment of beer, cider, hard kombucha + wine that guests over the age of 21yo are welcome to enjoy. Our hard rule is that drinking alcohol + activities do NOT mix. Please plan your day accordingly. We ask guests to remove their activity wristband once they’ve been served an alcoholic beverage on-site + they will not be allowed to climb or ride after that. Cheers! 




We require proper protection for all activities at Riveter. Full-face helmets, knee pads + elbow pads are recommended for riding. We do not allow throttle bikes, tandem/multi-rider bikes, kickstands on bikes, or training wheels on bikes. All lead ropes and harnesses are subject to inspection prior to climbing.


Q: What is available in your rental shop? 

// Commencal 12-in Strider: no cranks, no pedals, pushbike.

// Kid's Pedal Bikes: Commencal Kid's Bike: available in 14" + 16" wheels.

// Commencal Absolut + Absolut RS 26" Dirt Jumpers: aluminum hardtail, rear brake only, single-speed drivetrain, 100mm travel fork; available in Small, Medium + Large.

// Commencal Absolut 24" Dirt Jumpers: aluminum hardtail, rear brake only, single-speed drivetrain, 100mm travel fork;

available in Small, Medium + Large.

//YT DirtLove 26" Dirt Jumpers: Short + Long  

// Subrosa BMX Bike: rigid, rear brake only, single-speed drivetrain, full shredability; available with 20" + 22" wheels.

// Subrosa BMX Kid's Bike: available with 14" + 16" + 18" wheels.

// Troy Lee Designs Helmets: available in youth XS to adult XL sizes; A2 MIPS half-shell.

// Troy Lee Designs Pads: available in all sizes.

Q: What are your rental fees?

Dirt Jumper: $45

BMX Bike: $35

Child Bike: $25

Bike Helmet: $5

Bike Pads: $5

Q: Do I need to reserve rentals in advance?

Rentals are first-come, first-served. You may request the items you need in our Rental Shop after check-in + our super friendly Bike Park crew will get you set up. There's typically no need to reserve your rental in advance… unless you’re bringing a larger group, in which case, please contact us + reserve your gear in advance!


Rentals are for on-premise use only. Do not ride or take Riveter gear into the parking lot, please.


Q: What equipment is required? 

A properly fitted helmet + appropriate shoes are required. We recommend full-face helmets, elbow/knee pads, long pants + gloves.


No training wheels, throttle bikes, kickstands, or tandem/multi-riders are allowed.


Q: Are the outside lines open? When will they reopen? 

The weather is the primary cause for closing the outside lines + we err on the side of caution when deciding to close lines. Our first priority is providing the best possible experience for our members + guests while ensuring the quality of the lines.


The Canopy Bike Park is always OPEN, offering ample opportunities to shred, progress your skills + challenge yourself from beginner to expert levels. 


For updates on outside trail status, weather + projected openings/closings, text our Bike Park direct line >> 828-532-2116 << or check our >> INSTAGRAM STORIES <<


Q: I’m a beginner! What can I do? 

Yay, we’re pumped to watch you fall in love with this sport + grow as a rider. Our Bike Park is designed for progression while providing loads of fun for whatever your experience may be. 


Our offerings for beginners include two pump tracks [the outside track is designed for younger children; the Canopy track is for all ages -- THERE IS NO MINIMUM AGE TO PARTICIPATE]. In both the Canopy + the Outside Bike Park, you will find a green/beginner line + a blue/intermediate line where all features are rollable. Fair warning: biking is addictive + you may just start something that becomes a lifelong passion! 


Q: Can rental bikes be shared between guests?

No. Once a rider has received a bike rental [or any other gear], that human becomes solely responsible for the equipment + must be the one to return + sign it back into the Rental Shop at the end of their session. 


Q: Can I leave my rental here while I go get something to eat?

Absolutely. Riders are free to come + go throughout the day, + their rental is theirs for the duration. Just let us know!


Q: Does the Riveter sell rental bikes?

We will post on our website/social media pages when we are getting new additions to the rental fleet, which would allow us to offload some rental bikes.


All inquiries can be texted to 828-532-2116.


Q: Does the Riveter sell parts? 

We sell most necessary dirt jump + BMX focused bike parts + accessories (grips, tubes, tires, chains + safety gear, etc!).


We offer general service by appointment only; all inquiries can be texted to 828-532-2116. 


Q: Can I put my own pedals on the rental bike?



Q: What days of the week are the least busy to visit? 

In general,  public hours on Mondays + Fridays tend to be the least busy. We offer youth clubs + teams from 4-6PM Monday thru Friday afternoons in the Climbing Gym + the Bike Park, so there may be a higher volume during that window.


The best way to guarantee a more low-traffic experience is to become a member! We have Member Alpine Hours from 8a-NOON seven days a week. The early morning hours are definitely the least busy, giving the feel that the Riveter opened its doors just for you -- because we did.




Q: What is available in your rental shop? 

We would love to outfit you! We have climbing shoes, harnesses + belay devices available for rent in sizes that accommodate XS children to XL adults. Climbing shoes are required no matter what; harnesses are necessary to use the auto belays; a belay device is necessary if you’re taking a belay course, belay test, or belaying a partner. We can rent these items as a package or piecemeal depending on your needs. 


We do ask that climbing shoes remain inside the Climbing Gym only + are not worn into the bathroom, Bike Park, or other areas that could track dirt + germs. 


Q: What are your rental fees?

Shoes: $6

Harness: $5

Belay Device: $3

Climb Bundle: $10 [includes shoes, harness, belay device]

Lead Rope: $10


Q: What should I wear? 

Athletic gear that you can comfortably reach + stretch in is recommended. Climbing shoes are required. We do not allow bare feet or any other footwear on the climbing walls aside from climbing shoes. We do not have community chalk, so don’t forget to bring your own or purchase in our shop. 


Our retail shop has some stylish + functional clothing, as well as climbing gear, if you left your gym bag in your other van! 


Q: I have kids. What can they do?

Lots! We believe that starting life on the right foot means with that foot off the ground! Our dedicated kids' cove features six auto belays, two of which span fun + challenging suspended Geometrix cubes, as well as shorter climbing + bouldering walls -- a portion of which tops out at the World’s Coolest Slide! 


Kids are welcome to attempt ascending the auto belays set on the full-scale, 55-foot walls or be belayed by an accompanying adult [who is belay-certified]. Littles tend to get a kick out of the challenge + the longer journey back to the ground! 


THERE IS NO MINIMUM AGE TO PARTICIPATE, though a general rule of thumb is that at 4yo, kids start to have more body control + awareness, as well as a longer attention span. Please remember that parental supervision is required for children under 15yo at all times. Also note that there are age requirements for belay + lead belay testing; please ask a Riveter Crew member for assistance. 


Q: Does the Riveter sell climbing gear? 

Absolutely, we stock climbing shoes, chalk bags + harnesses as well as various carabineers, belay devices, approach shoes + other climbing hardware/PPE from Black Diamond, Scarpa, Butora, Petzl, Edelrid, + more. 


Members + youth enrolled in our clubs + teams are entitled to a 10% discount on any gear or merchandise purchased from our retail shop! 


Q: I came alone. Can one of your crew members belay me? 

Our crew members are keeping close watch on the Climbing Gym + administering belay classes + tests on the regular, so they are not available to belay guests. Group bookings with staff belayers can be arranged by clicking HERE. Private instruction can be arranged by clicking HERE.


However, we offer lots of options for solo climbers, including 60+ boulder problems + six auto belays, each set on three different rated routes.

Q: What if I’m only belaying, not climbing?

There’s no charge to act as a belayer to a minor or partner, as long as you’re not actively climbing. We do charge $10 in order to administer your belay test + certification; gear rentals are an additional cost of $5 for a harness + $3 for a belay device if needed. Once certified, you may check in at the front desk + receive a wristband to belay for the day. 


Q: Are there any requirements to use the auto belays?

Yes! Guests who are using the auto belays for the first time must receive a brief safety tutorial on how to clip in + operate the system properly. This safety tutorial is mandatory; do not clip into an auto belay without speaking to one of our Climbing Gym Crew members first.


Q: Do you offer belay tests on the spot? 

We are happy to accommodate lead + top rope belay tests to guests who are confident in their abilities + ready to test out on the spot. The process generally takes 10-15 minutes. Those who pass the test will receive a tag to be worn on their harness at all times while in the facility.


Test-outs are available from 11a through 1.5 hours prior to closing time. During high traffic times, we will conduct tests on a first-come, first-served basis.


Q: What if I don’t have any belay experience, or it’s been a while? 

We got you! We offer belay courses to teach you the ropes or give you a brush-up. Participants will have an opportunity to test out at the end, with active coaching to encourage a passing grade. They will then receive a one-day belay pass, which allows them to continue belaying for the remainder of their session. In order to receive a permanent belay proficiency tag, guests must wait at least 48 hours after taking the course to officially re-test. The reasoning behind this is to ensure that the guest has retained the information mastered during the course + can effectively belay without the need for coaching. [Belay courses are $15 for guests/$10 for members.]


Q: How often do the routes change? 

We regularly change the routes to keep things fresh for return climbers. The gym routes completely turn over approximately once every 6-8 weeks. The routes are changed in sections so that the majority of the gym will always be open while certain zones are undergoing work. 


Q: Is spectating allowed in the Climbing Gym? 

Spectators are welcome inside the Climbing Gym, but must stay clear of the mats as they are potential fall zones. The concrete walkways are designed for all foot traffic + we also have a few handcrafted oak benches to post up on if waiting for a route to open or just watching. We ask all guests -- climbers + spectators alike -- to avoid walking under active climbers. 


Again, please remember that parental supervision is required for children under 15yo at all times. It is important to keep children off the mats while not actively climbing.


Q: Are food/drink allowed inside the Climbing Gym?

We ask guests to keep food + alcoholic beverages off the climbing mats. The tap room is the perfect spot to hang out + make new friends while viewing the Climbing Gym!


Q: What days of the week are the least busy to visit? 

In general,  public hours on Mondays + Fridays tend to be the least busy. We offer youth clubs + teams from 4-6p Monday thru Friday afternoons in the Climbing Gym + the Bike Park, so there may be higher volume during that window. 

The best way to guarantee a more low-traffic experience is to become a member! We have Member Alpine Hours  from 6a-NOON Monday through Friday and 8a-NOON Saturday + Sunday. The early morning hours are definitely the least busy, giving the feel that the Riveter opened its doors just for you -- because we did.


Riveter's Fitness Studio is currently open to members only on a first-come, first-served basis. We are allowing a VERY limited capacity of members in the Fitness Studio at a time. Please call ahead if you have questions about capacity.

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