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The outside of the building with sunset reflecting in the windows

 The Riveter is a gathering place for all humans, where community, confidence, and inspiration are fostered through mutual stoke of adventure fitness. We strive to be a source of adventure and connection to the outdoors through our world-class climbing gym, progressive bike park, and modern yoga + fitness studios while cultivating an authentic, supportive community for all.

Our motto at the Riveter is "do things differently." Through that mindset, we invite guests to hone their confidence and harness a style that is uniquely their own. We cater to all skill levels, from beginner to expert, from children to the young-at-heart, while celebrating the diverse goals and needs of this community. Our facility is thoughtfully designed to foster personal development through social exchange; to learn from each other and impact the collective spirit. Our team of encouraging professionals sets the stage for that unifying culture, and love nothing more than sharing their love of outdoor adventure and the special mountain surroundings that we call home.
Our mission at the Riveter is to provide an inclusive, world-class facility for the outdoor community to come together to train, play, and crush their dreams through our values of inclusivity, authenticity, integrity, strength, and positivity. The name Riveter is a nod to our core values as rivets join together different pieces firmly when high strength is vital.

The Riveter is all about the lessons learned, the friendships formed, and the unlimited places and possibilities that open simply by belonging. There’s a place for everyone here and we look forward to helping guests lift their adventures, and their potential, off the ground.

One of the Riveter’s cornerstones is sustainability, which applies to both our deep respect of the planet and the people who inhabit it. 


The Riveter was consciously designed to enhance, protect, and utilize its beautiful natural surroundings. We've vowed to preserve 10 acres of working farmland that our facility is situated on. Additionally, we've chosen partners with aligned values from the building phase to our industry partners and retail vendors.


During the construction phase, we committed to minimizing waste, as evidenced by the stunning counters, tables, and bartop, locally crafted from preserved oak trees. We have also carefully plotted our landscape design, from enacting erosion and sedimentation control, to incorporating native plantings and drought-resistant vegetation.


Our facility is strategically oriented to boost efficiency and conserve resources. Floor-to-ceiling windows maximize natural daylight and display gorgeous mountain views. We’ve cut our energy consumption through the installation of occupancy sensors, high performance glazing, and low-flow plumbing fixtures. Concrete and steel were chosen for their energy efficiency and recyclability. Minimal paint and finishes were used to preserve the future life of the materials as well as reduce unnecessary resource use. All of these little details add up to a major reduction in our environmental footprint.

Our sustainability story will continue to roll out initiatives well into the future. The facility was intentionally oriented to incorporate a rain harvest and solar power system. We encourage conversations around our initiatives and future plans for sustainability; awareness and education are key to understanding how we all can do our part to protect the environment for future generations.