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In-Studio Policies


The Yoga offerings range from online + outdoor classes as well as limited capacity in-studio classes. Please click  HERE  to view the monthly schedule + pricing options + class registration. Click HERE for Class Schedule + Descriptions. The calendar below also offers links to each class for registration.

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Ayurveda is the traditional healing science of India. It is a holistic approach to well being that sees health as harmony in body, mind, and spirit. Each individual is considered a unique being, with their own unique set of strengths and challenges. Ayurveda offers a common sense approach to living a healthier life with less suffering. It is about self-knowledge and self-discovery. It is about being an active participant in figuring out what can help you feel vibrant and alive.


A Wellness Consultation can address concerns including improving digestion, restful sleep, energy levels, mental clarity, emotional balance, gentle cleansing and detoxifying, weight loss, healthy skin , stress relief, relaxation and rejuvenation of the entire body.


A Wellness plan might include suggestions for diet, exercise, self-care routines, yoga, pranayama, meditation, herbal therapy and massage and bodywork therapy.

Wellness Counseling Session:

60 minute $120

90 minute $150

TISH HILYER, wellness coach


Experience a therapeutic, intuitive massage session unique to your individual needs. An integrative massage intelligently combines techniques from Swedish Massage, Deep Tissue, Energy Healing, and Ayurvedic Bodywork to relax and nurture your being. Feel refreshed and revitalized after this deeply nourishing treatment.

60 minute $80
90 minute $115
120 minute $150 

RIVETER Wellness Package with Tish Hilyer


Enjoy all the benefits of massage, yoga, and individualized wellness counseling with this special package offer.


Relax, release stress + tension, restore your body + mind to feel more balanced and at ease.. move in a healthy and intentional way..

Includes: one hour massage + one hour private yoga session + one hour wellness // lifestyle counseling session



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Check our calendar below for monthly offerings + follow our Social Media for regular updates on special yoga + wellness events.


Prices + capacity vary.

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Click the class choice below + "more information" to register.