The Riveter Climbing Gym boasts over 16,000 sf of climbing terrain. With a lead climbing cave, 14 autobelays, and 68 rope lanes, there is something for every level climber. The boulder area features 60 boulder routes, a campus board with Tension rungs, and a 12' adjustable KILTER board. The dedicated kids climbing cove has 2 massive geometrix climbing routes, 11 rope stations, and a boulder area that tops out to the world's coolest slide. Riveter also features state-of-the-art hangboard and pulley systems to support recreation and competitive fitness.


We provide daily clinics, ranging from the foundations of climbing and bouldering to advanced lead climbing and technique courses. Check the schedule to stay on top of our rotating deck of offerings.

After-school programs focus on skill development games that introduce fundamental techniques and climb time to enhance kids’ confidence and focus on certain aspects of climbing. We will help climbers competently progress by introducing intermediate and advanced climbing techniques. Our goal is to focus on advancing the climber’s skills to the full extent of their abilities while having fun and being safe.



Open Everyday EXCEPT Wednesday

General Hours // 12PM-8PM

Members Only Hours // 8AM-12PM

Walk-Ups Welcome 

[Pre-Registration Available Ahead of Visit]


701 Old Fanning Bridge Road

Mills River, North Carolina


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