Private climbing instruction

Click the link to inquire about private instruction in the following skill concentrations.


Rock Climbing is more than a sport - it’s an immersive experience coupled with a supportive community. Learn the ins and outs of bouldering, roped climbing, how the two compare, and how to move in this 1-hour clinic instructed by our qualified staff.


Need more fitness? The quickest way to break through a plateau is with a proper way to train.
Work with one of our instructors during this 2-hour session and discover new ways to move on
the wall, effective ways to actively rest, and appropriate strategies to transform your
weaknesses into strengths.


The first step to taking your roped climbing skills outdoors is to learn how to lead. In this 2 hour
course, our qualified instructors will teach the basics of lead climbing: clipping the
rope, belaying a climber on lead, and effectively communicating through a lead belay.

*Participant must be Top Rope Belay certified and able to comfortably climb 5.9 at our facility.

*Please inquire at if under 15 years old.